Our commitment to dedicated care is only possible thanks to our passionate volunteers, whose selfless work is a labour of love that brightens our patients’ days.

If you have the heart to help, a desire to do good and a few hours to spare, we’d love to welcome you on board.

With 18 different patient-facing and non patient-facing volunteer groups, there are many ways for you to give with greater impact.



18 volunteer groups


A singing group that performs for DPH patients


Ukelele performers from the Moulmein-Cairnhill Ukelele Interest Group


A handicraft group that creates arts and crafts items to help DPH raise funds


A Malay-speaking activity group that organises monthly birthday celebrations for patients alongside the annual Hari Raya celebrations


Conducts weekly excursions for patients to various places of interest around Singapore


Ambassadors who support DPH with various public awareness campaigns and outreach activities


An in-house choir that performs during special events and celebrations


A Chinese-speaking group that organises celebratory events for patients, including the Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn festivals

Lapis Lazuli

Befrienders to our patients and their family members. They also conduct yearly outreach activities, including Vesak Day celebrations at the Amitabha Buddhist Centre


Professionally-trained masseuses who provide relieving massages to patients, easing their aches and pains


Prepares nutritious home-cooked soups for patients


Pet lovers who bring their beloved companions to interact with patients under the Pets-Assisted Therapy (PAT) Programme


Befriends patients and provides refreshments during Happy Hour, as well as music entertainment for patients


Prepares local delicacies for patients (toast. coffee/tea)


Provides hairdressing and grooming services for patients


Student befrienders from the Nanyang Technological University’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMed)


A gardening group that helps maintain the lush greenery at DPH


Provides home care befriending services


Get involved in the following activities:

  • Befriending (Weekdays, during office hours)
  • Crafts-making and sales of craft (Saturday afternoons)
  • Hairdressing (Tuesday mornings only)
  • Malay-speaking volunteers for organising birthday celebrations (Saturday afternoons only)
  • Massaging of patients (Saturday afternoons only)
  • Pet-assisted therapy (For rabbit and dog owners)
  • Public education (Adhoc)

Keen to volunteer? Come down for a chat with us and learn about the range of volunteer training that is available for your learning.

For further enquiries on volunteering, email us at volunteer@doverpark.sg.